About Camellias

Camellias Publishing is a Southern regional magazine based out of Birmingham, AL.


Our goal is to create a portrait of the Southern woman in a 21st-century setting. We want our publication to not only recognize the unsavory history of the Southern identity, but also create room for conversations about race, social justice, and asserting your identity in the face of cultural prejudice. We hope to accomplish this all while still providing you with your favorite butter-filled recipes and funny home-grown stories y'all know and love.

Lakyn Shepard

Lead Designer

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ca·mel·lias is used to unite women of the South to motivate, speak out, and press on for the raw meaning of what it means to live in the Bible Belt. ca·mel·lias thrives off of those who share their unique backgrounds and give those the pedestal that they deserve.

Kristina Balciunaite

Lead Designer

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Camellias is about revealing truth wherever it is yet to be revealed. It is about sharing experiences, ideas

and love.

The Camellias Team

Taylor Stewart

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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Camellias is about representing your truth. I want every woman to look at our magazine to not just see themselves, but the actual world around them.

Sufia Alam

Lead Editor

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Camellias to me is about sharing truth. It’s about respecting and celebrating each one our backgrounds and recognizing that no one person shares the

same story.

Rooted in Alabama, the legacy of Harper Lee and the Camellias

Three years after the death of local legend and author, To Kill A Mockingbird is still inspiring and reflective of the Southern identity.