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8 Socially Distant Places to Spot a Ghost This Halloween

This Halloween sure looks different, with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping through the United States, you might be wondering how you can still plan spooky festivities within the CDC guidelines. Here are 8 socially distant spots you can visit on your own. No need for ghost walks or faux haunted houses -- we’ve got just the right amount of spooky to make this Halloween just as memorable as the others!

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Sloss Furnace, AL

If you’re a local to Birmingham you might have visited this famous furnace on a school field trip, or a weekend concert where talents like Alabama Shakes and Cage the Elephant have jammed out. While the annual fright furnace has been put on hold due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a peek at the haunted grounds of Sloss Furnaces.

Across the railroad tracks, you can stop for a socially distant brew at the Back40 Beer Company. Be sure to bring your spookiest mask and enjoy a nice cold one on the patio, where perhaps you’ll begin to feel a little bit of the notorious furnace’s heat or see the ghost of the old foreman walking along the bleeding red dirt.

Factor’s Walk, GA

Known as America’s Most Haunted City, Savannah, Georgia has been known for its fair share of spectral residents.Take a walk on the cusp of River Street and Bay Street which is the home of the original Cotton Exchange.

Many tales are spun along Factor’s Walk as people frequent this area to tour pubs and restaurants. Make a stop at The Moon River Brewing Company, where they too have a long list of specters that frequent their brewery. Keep an eye over your shoulder, you never know what’s creeping up behind you.

Greenwood Cemetery, TN

If you see green mist beginning to filter over the tombstones at Greenwood Cemetary in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you might want to check your pocket for your keys. Legend has it that an ill woman was pushed into the nearby lake by her cheating husband -- now she appears on those hallowed grounds, seeking revenge amongst those brave enough to visit.

Photo by Michael Mouritz on Unsplash

Sleepy Hollow Road, KY

You won’t find the headless horseman awaiting a new head on this Kentucky road, but you’ll certainly find more than fine bourbon and rolling green hills here. The legends of Sleepy Hollow Road near Louisville, Kentucky are well known throughout the area as being a place of Satanic rituals or the dreaded Black Mass. As the canopy of trees hide the ominous moonlight from the road, you might find a pair of headlights following close behind you. Is it a friend playing tricks on you? Or a hearse waiting to veer you off its windy path?

Crybaby Bridge, SC

When you pull up to this bridge in Anderson, South Carolina late at night, turn off your car and roll down your windows, or if you’re brave enough pack a light jacket and take a walk along Crybaby Bridge. Many have reported to hear the faint cries of a ghostly infant, and some have even reported seeing the visage of a woman looking for her lost baby. Though when you return to your vehicle don’t be shocked if you find a pair of handprints fogged against your windows.

Redmont Hotel, AL

Is that the whistling of an employee or visitor? Or is it the gentle coos of Hank Williams? The beloved country singer was reported to spend his last night alive at the Redmont Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama before making the unfinished trip back to West Virginia. You also might become acquainted with Clifford Stiles, the former hotel manager who passed in 1975, or a lady in white on the 9th floor.

Grab a quick drink at their rooftop bar, appropriately called The Roof, but don’t be surprised if you hear doors open and shutting by themselves or if the stool next to you swivels. Those are just the permanent residents making themselves known.

Arlington National Cemetery, VA

While you might have heard soldier’s accounts of hearing footsteps or faint pleas at Arlington National Cemetery, there’s more specters there than meets the eye. At the Old Post Chapel there have been reports of the bridal room being haunted by a young bride awaiting a sweetheart that will never come. Local rumors speculate that this heartbroken bride threw herself from the bell tower, which remains locked to this day.

St. Louis Cemetery, LA

In New Orleans it’s almost impossible not to see or feel the presence of a haunted spirit. The Crescent City is known for inspiring Anne Rice’s famed Interview With a Vampire series (you can even walk or drive by her old house!). It’s also one of the top places ghost hunters go when they want above ground crypts, historic haunts, or even to just feel a slight chill up their spine. For a safe, and socially distant spook, we recommend taking a walk along the infamous St. Louis Cemetery, where Marie Laveau aka the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans permanently resides.


What have your socially distant fall or Halloween plans looked like, or have you had any experiences at one of the places in this list? Comment below and share your experiences with the supernatural.

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