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Hoppy Hour at Birmingham District Brewing

Located at The Battery in the heart of the Magic City, Birmingham District Brewing offers a unique palette of brews that will offer something special to beer lovers and newcomers.

Whether you're sitting on their patio at one of their rustic picnic tables or sitting inside along the bar, Birmingham District Brewing feels like a place you can feel right at home. They have an assortment of board games, a tv you might find your favorite team playing on (Go Blazers!) and they even have trivia on Wednesdays! Once you find a brew you love, be sure to take a growler of it home with you.

If you haven’t visited this brewery yet, check out my "first flight" must-haves below. These four brews are a great teaser for those who love this brewery and want to try something new, or someone who might be discovering this place for the first time!

Patrons of the Birmingham District Brewing Co.
Inside Birmingham District Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

Tea Party

4% ABV || 35 IBU

As Southerners, we’re born and bred to be tea drinkers. Hot, cold, sweet, unsweet, half and half, you name it and there’s a chance you fit into one of those descriptions. Now you can add beer to that list. At Birmingham District Brewing, their Tea Party brew is steeped in Earl Grey tea, just enough to not be overwhelming but you still get the herbal aroma that you would find in a fresh cup of tea. It’s not overwhelming and gives you a nice refreshing taste that would come with a morning cup of Earl Grey tea.

Black Flower Imperial Stout

9% ABV || 56 IBU

If you’re nervous about trying a stout, I highly recommend starting here. While the taste is certainly not sweet, or fruity, this stout is like a creamy chocolate dessert that has a hint of coffee. The Black Flower Imperial Stout isn’t a potent stout where you feel like you need to have a glass of water with you to wash it down. It does a great job of preserving those chocolate flavors without being overbearing.

Four sample brews from Birmingham District Brewing Co. located in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

Bird in a Cage: Kölsch

5% ABV || 20 IBU

When you have your first taste of this beer, you’ll definitely hear the canaries sing. This brew is named after the canaries that kept the miners behind Birmingham District Brewing’s namesake safe. The Bird in a Cage is brewed with Hallertau Blanc and Liberty hops. Think of this Kölsch as a friend to a blonde ale, only with notes of white wine and tropical fruits to lighten the load.

If you’re still warming up to beer, I recommend this is a good place to start. Flights are a great way to try different brews at once. If you’re wanting to start off with one brew, in particular, I recommend the Bird in the Cage. It’s sharp without being too prominent. It has a nice crispy edge that brings a lightness to the brew.

Summer Jam-Fruited-Sour

4.5% ABV || 5 IBU

Now that summer is dwindling I feel the need to hold on to our Alabama heat just a little while longer. While I love autumn the most, there’s nothing quite like the sweet taste that comes with having summer in the Heart of Dixie. To keep the sweetness just a little longer, Birmingham District Brewing has a fruity brew that is the perfect solution for that. It’s a sour beer with all of the fruity texture than you need to make the last few weeks of summer memorable.

This fruited-sour beer starts off with a creamy base, packed with flakey oats with a sour taste. The main fruits used in this brew are a combination of puréed red raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, and black currants. These berries leave behind a bright, clear, and scrumptious beer that is best served chilled on a blazing afternoon.

a flight of beer, four mini glasses of beer on a wooden plate at Birmingham District Brewing.
flight of beer at Birmingham District Brewing.Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė


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