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Hoppy Hour at TrimTab Brewing

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

At TrimTab Brewery, fairy lights cover the bar and their list of brews personify what it means to be from the Magic City. From their 205 Southern Pale Ale to their experimental Fruit Bombs, there hasn’t been a brew from TrimTab that I haven’t loved.

They have a brew for every occasion or vibe you feel when you walk through their doors. In addition to partnering with other local shops, TrimTab Brewing opens their warehouse-style walls to local artists to showcase and sell their work. Being surrounded by so many homages to my city fills my heart with joy, and makes me want to rush back as soon as I hop inside my car.

Painted in white and gray across the roof of the brewery is the well-known slogan “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham,” and TrimTab really means it. After a long and grueling day of classes or work (sometimes even both) it takes a special team to make you feel at home. As you take a seat on one of their rustic bar stools, sipping on their famous Paradise Now while watching reruns of Star Trek on the big screen, you can’t help but feel like the brewery is a love letter to the city of Birmingham.

Tasting room of Trim Tab Brewery in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

If you haven’t visited this brewery yet, check out my "first flight" must-haves below. These four brews are a great teaser for longtime beer lovers and those who want to take a leap forward and try something new.

First Flight

205 Southern Pale Ale

5.5% abv || 40 ibu || 3 srm

This Southern Pale Ale explodes with the hoppy, juicy flavors of white peaches, a tart pineapple puree, lim peel zest, and just a hint of grapefruit pith. This beer is summed up with a crisp bitterness that is everything you need in a good old fashioned southern pale ale. You can’t go wrong with a brew that pays a special tribute to the Magic City.

Trim Tab Brewery was voted Best Brewery in Alabama by Thrillest.com. Best in Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

Paradise Now

5.2% abv || 7 ibu || 7 srm

TrimTab’s raspberry berliner weisse defines summertime classic. This scrumptiously tart, yet stimulating wheat ale is perfect for newcomers and beer connoisseurs. It is brewed with raspberries and a tarty cherry puree, giving it both a freshy fruity tang with a fresh sour punch. This brew will have you feeling the vibrant excitement of summer all year round, and is the perfect treat yo’ self for even the rainiest day.

Breakfast Hero

Imperial Doughnut Stout

8.5% abv || 35 ibu || 37 srm

Like Ron Swanson said, “There has never been a sadness that cannot be cured with breakfast food,” and now you can add beer to that philosophy. Inspired by the rich pastries of HERO Doughnuts, TrimTab is bringing beer to the breakfast table. This stout is like your mom’s homemade pancakes. It’s rich, coated in chocolate, a dash of vanilla, and is covered in a generous amount of maple syrup. Pair this brew with any morning meal and you’ll be a little bit closer to calling yourself a morning person.

Blood Orange Margarita Gose

5% abv || 7 ibu || 6 srm

As TrimTab Brewery slides into the summer season, they're taking us along for the ride. This refreshing Blood Orange Margarita Gose is made with their traditional Gose base where they added Pink Himalayan pink sea salt, citrusy tangerine, a bright blood orange puree, and topped it all off with a bit of lime peel. This is a salty, yet refreshingly zesty drink to lay out by the pool with.

Sample of beer from Trim Tab Brewery in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

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