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Hoppy Hour at Queen's Park

We’re on a mission to find the best brews and spirits in the South. With peachy walls and spirit dripped chandeliers you can’t miss Queen’s Park. Located in Birmingham, Alabama this cocktail bar transports you to Trinidad and the infamous grand hotel.

Queen's Park in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

Owned by Brooklyn-native Laura Newman and Birmingham’s very own Larry “Mudd” Townley, Queen’s Park has become a glimmering spot in the Magic City’s nightlife. When you walk inside the room you are instantly transported to another era, prohibition America, where the real Queen’s Park Hotel earned its reputation. With nowhere to work in prohibition era America, bartenders turned to a hotel in Trinidad. While known as a weekend getaway the infamous hotel was commonly known for their house-made cocktail, but more on that later.

While you’ll have to wait until October 11th to read our feature on Queen’s Park’s Laura Newman, we’ll give you a little taste to abide you over until then. Here are three cocktails and a spirit free delight to sip on your first try!

Clover Club: (modern prohibition with a hint of sass)

Queen's Park teal and pink menu behind a pink cocktail, called the Clover Club
the Clover Club Cocktail at Queen's Park photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

Originally named for the men’s club in Philadelphia, the Clover Club Cocktail predates prohibition in the United States. This classic cocktail is made with London dry gin, dry vermouth, poppin’ sweet raspberries, lemon, and to top it off: egg white.The egg white in this drink isn’t added for taste, but for that layer of foam that coats the top.

For me, this drink is an absolute dream. It’s creamy, sweet, and has that tarty razz that always comes with a splash of lemon. The raspberries add a new level of sweet to this tarty spirit and has you puckering your lips, wanting more.This was a drink first recommended to me after the Queen’s Park Swizzle, and it’s been one of my favorite drinks in town ever since!

Pornstar martini: (provocative, sweet, and sharp )

While not named after any pornstar in particular, the name is certainly eye catching. I suppose it’s a way to get people out of their comfort zone, a little spark to inspire someone’s wild side, even if it’s only found at the bottom of a martini glass. This modern drink is composed of vodka, vanilla, passion fruit, lime, and sparkling wine. It’s a classy drink, despite the name, and once you have your first sip you’ll know why its so popular.

If you’re looking to take a step out of your comfort zone, or maybe you have always wanted to try the legendary martini, look no further than Queen’s Park. Their menu is packed full of classic drinks, sweet twists, and new cocktails you’ll want to know the secrets behind. Needless to say there is truly something for everyone.

Queens park swizzle: (tropical, spice, & everything nice)

I feel like it should be a rule that regardless of your taste buds that you must try the cocktail that the bar is known for, or even more specifically, that the bar is named for. The Queen’s Park Swizzle does not disappoint. Made with Spanish style rum, lime, and mint, it’s the bar personified: tropical, a little bougie, and oh so flirty.

This spicy sweet cocktail is also just fun to look at. Sitting on crushed ice and dressed up with a bit of mint, this once popular daiquiri was transformed into a cocktail when the bartenders of the Queen’s Park Hotel were tasked with creating the establishment’s signature drink. Now the cocktail has made its way from Trinidad to Alabama, but when you step inside Queen’s Park you feel like you’re one of the classy residents of that grand hotel.

Mocktail: Midday Rambler: (The morning commute without the headache)

Midday Rambler cocktail. Photo by Kristina Balčiūnaitė

Who says you need alcohol to have fun? I have so many friends who don’t drink, whether it’s a personal preference or religious there are many reasons why people choose not to drink. So why not highlight a fun mocktail that doesn’t let them feel left out of fun nightlife activities?

This drink is a surefire way to pick you up if you have a long night ahead of you. The Midday Rambler is made with coffee, grapefruit, lemon, and a splash of tonic. If you’re a fan of bitter, yet sweet drinks, this mocktail is a great way to enjoy a fun night out with your friends. Queen’s Park has a whole page of their menu dedicated to mocktails, so if you’re someone who wants to enjoy a night out on the town, without the hangover, Queen’s Park is a wonderful place to start!

We’re on a mission to find the best brews and spirits in the South. Have a place you want to recommend? Email us at camellias.bham@gmail.com or comment below and we’ll check it out!

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