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Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Taylor Stewart

Father's Day is a holiday that always sneaks up on us. Who can blame us when we're basking in that glorious Birmingham sun? Dads, as we know, are pretty humble when it comes to Father's Day so we created a guide to find those perfect last minute gifts that are perfect for your Birmingham based Dad!

Pepper Place

Saturdays in Birmingham are nothing without Pepper Place. Treat Dad to an early father’s day by walking around and browsing through all of the stalls. He may want to take some peaches home or get a scrumptious batch of salsa from Midnight Salsa. And because Dad’s are always down for a good deal don’t forget your handy dandy Piper and Leaf jar that gives you a discount on tea refills!

Square One Goods

This little shop is seated on Morris Avenue and First Avenue North. One of my favorite aspects of this shop is how local it feels when you walk in its doors. Find dad a candle from Ecam & Co, they have anything from a fresh blooming scent to a sweet musky bourbon that Dad will love. There are plenty of goods in this shop that Dad will love whether it’s grooming products for that incoming fall beard or a planner to write down his busy schedule. Another sweet treat to add onto this the wall of cards filled with sentimental love or sweet humor.

Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier

Located on 2nd Avenue North, this little shop is filled with man’s true best friend: chocolate. Their motto is ‘grown from mother earth, but divinely inspired,’ and they mean it! With every bite of the rich creamy chocolate Dad will feel pampered the way he deserves. Chocolata has special boxes specifically made for Father’s Day.

Seasick Records

Does your dad still have the same music taste he did in the 90s? Does he love the crisp feeling of holding a record in his hand before setting it down in the player? If so, Seasick Records in Crestwood is the perfect place for Dad to revisit some old tunes or discover new ones!

Have any thoughts or comments? Do you know any other places in Birmingham that Dad would love? Let us know by contacting us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @ca_mel_lias

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