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Last Minute Gifts Your Friends & Family Will Love

The countdown to the holiday season is on! It’s time for each of us to make our list (and check it twice). Although the majority of our gift exchanges will be distant this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is still plenty of cheer to wrap up and send via the post office!

We’ve all had to think differently this year, and I’d like to encourage you to do this when picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Here are eight last minute presents that your friends and family will be thrilled to find under the tree!

Pamper Queen -- Listen, it’s been a stressful year. While I’m here I might as well tell you to treat yourself. Head to the beauty section of your favorite shop and peruse through their face masks, lotions, bath bombs and more!

I live by Lush’s famous Dream Cream ($7.95+) this lotion is the best for dry skin for when the weather nips at your hands. That and their Goddess bath bomb ($8.95) will make your friend feel truly divine. Regardless, a little beauty package like this let’s your friends know that you’re in tune to their mental health needs, and serve as a gentle reminder that we should all do our best to relax during this time of year.

Home Sweet Home -- Think of the parts of your home that you think of as tiny comforts. Whether it’s the soft glow of your favorite candles or the little tea towel you got to match the festive season, these little treasures make the perfect gift.

Keep your friends, family, and loved ones safe by gifting them a bit of your home. My favorite scent is ‘cashmere glow’ ($6) from J & J Candles based out of Gadsden, Alabama. Wrapped in a mason jar, this cozy scent will comfort anyone who is missing their family this holiday season.

Three rules to working from home, comfort, comfort, and comfort! -- For the love of God, please buy this person in your life some proper house shoes! I promise that your friends who are still working or studying from home are tired of running out of socks. This Christmas I’m channeling the comfort of these L.L.Bean house shoes ($79) that work for getting the mail, another trip to the coffee pot, or a semi-professional zoom call.

New Year, New Pandemic Hobby -- We’ve all ventured outside our comfort zones this year in terms of hobbies. Some of us have dove deeper into the craft section of the internet with embroidery, water colors, paper crafts, and maybe even quilting. Craft something with love, or better yet get your friends started on your latest hobby with a DIY kit of their own!

Potential Case of the Munchies -- I’m not talking about the regular holiday specialities, I mean find the most niche snack that they can enjoy well past December 25th. I present to you all of the wonders of Nuts.com.

Introduced to me by New Yorker staff writer, Rachel Syme, this website is like a wonder emporium for snacks. You can buy the usual teas, crackers, and nuts, they also have baking goods like sprinkles, sweeteners, and flour for the potential Star Baker in your life.

Bon Appétit -- Now it’s more important than ever to support the local restaurants in your neighborhood. Pick up a selection of gift cards from restaurants offering to-go or curbside options. While delicious, this also gives a gentle nudge to your friends that it’s okay to hop in the car while wearing your housecoat in order to get dinner. We’ve all cooked for ourselves plenty this year.

Stacks On Stacks -- It is my own personal philosophy that any person can be gifted a book, and love it. I personally might as well be Thank You Books’ (my local indie seller) official cheerleader because their collection truly has some of the best curated shelves I’ve ever had the pleasure of browsing.

Break away from the confines of a certain best seller list, flip through cookbooks, poetry collections, mental health guides, and more! If you can think of it, there’s probably a book out there. Head over to the Thank You Books website, or visit our Pods and Pages section to find the perfect read.

Give a Green Thumb -- Perhaps your Mom has killed that succulent you gifted her on her birthday, or maybe she’s always aspired to grow herbs in the springtime to use them for supper.

Uncommon Goods and Etsy have a variety of DIY Herb Garden Starter kits for as low as $17. This will be a great present for a beginner or someone looking to get back into the swing of things.

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