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Pepper Place 09.21.19

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” It’s hard not to argue with one of America’s great novelists, and even in Alabama when the sun is blazing against our signature blue sky, there is an anticipation steadily filling the air. Because even though summer has past, the South thrives in the fall. We grab our thin sweaters, don our leather bound booties, and do whatever we can to make sure we can watch as much football as possible on Saturdays.

The only thing I’ve found that football doesn’t conflict with, is the farmer’s market. In our Farmstead Follows series, we like to highlight some of vendors at farmer’s markets across the South. This week we journeyed to the Pepper Place Market on 2nd Avenue North in Birmingham, Alabama to bring to you some of the treasured places that are just like us, Rooted in Alabama.

Stone Hollow Farmstead

Based out of Harpersville, Alabama, Stone Hollow Farmstead specializes in a variety of different categories. From flowers, to jellies, to produce, Stone Hollow seems like a magical realm where their homage to farm life simply grows every season. While they are at the market on Saturdays, be sure to check out their permanent spot at Pepper Place that is open throughout the week.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our first print issue, we have a special story about Stone Hollow that we are just itching to tell! We’ll have an inside look at all of the wonderful treasures that pour out of their farm and their deep connection to the people of Alabama at beyond.


Almost too pretty to eat, Bake. serves macarons of many different colors and flavors at the Pepper Place Market. You can try out one of their classic flavors like Almond or Strawberry, or try something new like their Peach & Cinnamon or Mocha Raspberry.

Either way this little pop up create a delicate treat that won’t spoil your Saturday brunch. Their next Pepper Place appearance will be October 5, rain or shine!

Piper & Leaf

You’ve seen their trendy quart size jar making its way around the market. I think each time I bring my jar with me to Pepper Place I have a minimum of three people stop me and ask, “Where did you get that?”

Piper & Leaf is an artisan tea company based out of Huntsville, Alabama. They bring a whole new meaning to the definition of sweet tea. Whether it’s from their own garden, a local farm, forest, or briar patch, Piper & Leaf sticks to their dedication of supporting their neighbors. They're vocal about being a family business, and when you approach their counter you feel like family too. They’ll offer samples and even ask questions about your personal preferences.

Sanctuary Farms and Apothecary

Sanctuary Farms and Apothecary is a small sustainable family farm that specializes in providing nonGMO pesticide free produce, herbal products, honey, eggs & artisan goods. One of the aspects of this farm the staff prides itself on is that all of their products are 100% natural, or organic when it is possible. They hope that as they continue growing their business that they will bring a sense of awareness to the community concerning environmental issues, as well as provide educational programs and workshops.

Obsessed with subscription boxes? Sanctuary Farms offer a special weekly box of fresh rotating vegetables and goods that can feed between 2-4 people.


Do you have any thoughts or comments to share? Are you from out of state and think we should visit your farmer's market? Is there a stall at Pepper Place we have to check out? Let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us at camellias.bham@gmail.com

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