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Pepper Place Picks 06.19.2019

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Taylor Stewart

I’d like to believe that summer begins at Pepper Place. We grab our burlap bags and sun hats then head into the thick Alabama heat for the chance to grab some fresh produce and maybe a jar of tea. Serious market goers get there early, just to be sure their favorite stalls aren’t ravaged by the time they get there. I’ve found that there is always something new to discover each Saturday morning, rain or shine.

We at camellias wanted to highlight these people because they’re just like us, Rooted in Alabama. Some of these vendors drive several hours just to have a booth at our farmer’s market. This is why we have begun this column, Pepper Place Picks. Each week we will highlight two farms, two artisans, and one unique stall that sets up shop at Pepper Place in Birmingham, AL. For all of our friends in other states, we’ll be visiting other farmer’s markets too!

Happy Trails Flower Farm

In this corner of Pepper Place, flowers stick out from every end. The blissful smell of lavender wafts over the air as you browse through bouquets, trying to figure out if you should grab your mom or significant other a nice surprise. Or, if you’re like me, you treat yo’ self to a fresh bouquet of flowers because it’s been a long week, and you deserve them! Happy Trails Flower Farm is owned and operated by Rick and Tanis Clifton. They specialize in growing hundreds of different varieties in flowers and other plants on their farm in Northeast Mississippi. This booth is always a great place to start your journey through Pepper Place, you can literally stop and smell the flowers and if you bring your dog they usually have a nice bowl of cool water waiting for them.

Windy's by Linda

If you hear the soft jingle of silver bouncing together when the wind blows, odds are you’re hearing the sound of wind chimes. Windy’s by Linda takes a unique twist on the classic Southern wind chimes. She uses beads, well loved utensils, even old tea kettles to piece together these magnificent chimes. These dangling forms of art are the perfect addition to any back porch or garden area.

Hinkel’s Bakery

My Pepper Place visit is not complete without having one of Hinkel’s Bakery’s ham and cheese croissants. Their baked goods are a special treat to eat while you walk around other booths or you can pop a squat beneath the famous Dr. Pepper sign and listen to some live music. In addition to the plethora of goodies you can take home, their chocolate or apple tarts are simply divine for first time guests.

Crave Candles

Inspired by the Steel city itself, Lori of Crave Candles, began making candles as a hobby. Using recycled wine and liquor bottles, this team practices responsible sustainability while also adding a unique accent to their lovely scent. Whether one of their candles is sitting at the center of your table, or modestly in your book shelf, this local treasure is a great talking piece.

Ivy Brook Apiary

Bee keeping seems to be best kept between good friends. Jack, Candy, and Gail began their adventure with bees when Jack and Candy began gardening in their home. The bee colony of Ivy Brook Apiary sits between Grants Mill Road and Old Leeds Road. These busy bees forage over meadows and wooded areas near the Cahaba River to make the most scrumptious honey. Pepper Place is one of the few places this trio display their product proudly. Be(e) sure to drop by on Saturday and give it a try (hint: the cinnamon honey is one of the best!)

Do you have any thoughts or comments to share? Is there a stall at Pepper Place we have to check out? Let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us at camellias.bham@gmail.com

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